Tour de France Costello 2010


Hello, for 2 times already, David Tonnel, 40, father of two children, a firefighter from Bordeaux and top sportsman traveled to the benefit of our association and full independence thousands of miles by bicycle across Europe (Budapest Bordeaux, 2005) and skating (Aix en Provence Malt 2007). Each time he chose the office of the association a journey that made him pass for families with a child with Costello syndrome and CFC.

These families have received and benefited from his presence to organize a small protest with their neighbors, family and friends, informing about the disease, and even for some to make something festive … a meal, arrival at a school or center, etc. …

Now a strong friendship bind David to the association and we proposed for May-June 2010, to “a tour de France” families. His wish and ours, is to create or strengthen a bond between us …

This journey leads to BIDART (64) AIX EN PROVENCE (13).